Stay Cool When The Temperature Rises

There it sits, patiently waiting for the thermometer to climb.  Ever ready to jump into action at a moment’s notice when the homeowner calls.  Is it really ready?

The central air unit, we may see it every day and yet don’t notice it.  We know properFraser Johnson AC unit maintenance means it should be looked at each Spring but we haven’t called or taken the time ourselves to give the unit a once over.  Then it happens, the day when the air conditioning is turned on and we cross our fingers everything works.

A few simple steps will help you avoid the worry and stay cool when the thermometer rises, and we all know it will.


Safety first, shut off the power to the unit – There is often a shutoff box outside near the unit or turn off the power at the circuit breaker.

Protective grille – You may need to remove this to effectively clean the inside of the unit.

Clean the cabinet – the first and easiest maintenance step is clean the dirt, leaves and debris from the condenser unit.  Trim grass, trees, vines, anything thing that may have grown around the unit.  This keeps the air flowing and the system working efficiently.

Clean condenser – There are a variety available which will help cut grease and dirt.

Check and clean the fins – You can use a soft brush to clean the fins and a fin comb to straighten. The fins are a lightweight aluminum so be careful when cleaning or straightening.

Pad – Make sure the pad the unit sits on has not shifted.  Level if needed.

Check the tubes, wires and controls – Make sure there is no damage and everything is connected

Inside the house – Check the drain tube making sure it’s not plugged; the plenum is free of dust and debris and change the air filter. (Yes, we say that a lot)


With everything cleaned, maintained and if it all checks out,  the AC unit should be good to go keep you cool in the warm temps.

Stay Cool, P.o.P.

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