P.o.P.’s Guide To A Tasty Grilling Season

It’s that time of year when Grilling Season really kicks in.  Whether you put your gas grill away or used it all winter, now is the time to give it a thogrillrough cleaning and make sure everything is in working order.

So, what are the key parts to a gas grill?  Especially the parts that tend to wear out?  Let me give you a quick overview….






Valves – Valves in a gas grill regulate the flow of gas to the burner so they are a key component in how well a gas grill works.  Over time valves can become plugged with debris or corrosion.  They can also rust and just plain wear out.  A replacement valve must be an exact match to fit and operate correctly.


Burners – The burners are the key part in a gas grill.  They mix the gas with air and release the mixture for combustion creating the heat.  The control knobs regulate the mixture which controls the heat.  Burners have a series of holes which the gas and air mixture flow through to produce the flame.  Drippings from the food being cooked often plug these holes.  The burners can also become corroded effecting the performance.  When the holes are plugged, there is uneven or no heat from the burner.  Sometimes the holes can be cleaned.  If they’re too clogged the burner may have to be replaced.


Cooking grid – The cooking grid or grates are what the food sits on to be cooked.  It’s important to clean the grates each time the grill is used.  Even with good cleaning the grates can become encrusted with grease, oil and food debris or start to rust.  If this happens and can’t be cleaned off the grate will need to be replaced.


Heat shield – Heat shield, heat plates, heat tents or heat angles, whatever you call them they disperse the heat from the burner and protect the burner from the food drippings.  When the drippings hit the heat shield they release the flavor from the drippings back into the food being cooked.


Ignitors – Igniters are the system which creates the spark to light the gas and air mixture.  Some folks use a lighter wand when the igniter system isn’t working.  This can be very dangerous and is not recommended.  There are three key parts to the igniter systems- Electrodes and wires, Igniter knobs and Spark generator.  You can replace whichever part is not working or all with a kit.


There are many more parts to a gas grill which can be replaced without having to buy a brand new grill just ask and we can help find your part. Proper maintenance and care will extend the life of your grill and keep the food tasty.


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