P.o.P.’s Fall heating checklist

Temperatures are dropping, leaves are changing, apples and pumpkins in abundance – Fall is the time to review the home check list and get ready for the heating season.  Regular maintenance can help prevent system failure and safe money in heating costs.  An HVAC professional can perform a complete system tune-up which should include….

  • Test and calibrate thermostat
  • Cleaning the system
  • Lubricating moving part
  • Tightening connections
  • Check safety switches
  • Measure voltage and current on motor
  • Clean condenser coils
  • Check ignition system


Things you can and should do as part of the fall maintenance checklist…

blank checklist

  • Change filters (recommendation is monthly)
  • Clean condensate drain lines
  • Visually check your system for wear and tear
  • Check that gas and electrical connections are secure
  • Keep area surrounding the system clean and free of debris

While going through the fall maintenance check list for your heating system it’s a good time to also look at your water heater, humidifier and if you have a fireplace (wood, gas or electric) make sure the unit is ready for the heating season.

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